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DON’T DO THESE IN EUROPE – 5 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Visiting Europe

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5 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Visiting Europe, A continent with so many beautiful countries full of rich history deserves to be explored in its totality. Now that we seem to be able to start traveling again I made this video to help you enjoy your trip to Europe this summer.

If you’ve never been to Europe and you have intentions of visiting the amazing continent, then this post is for you. Today am going to take you through the five things you should never do anywhere on the continent.

A lot of people have dreams of going to Europe, if you’re a European and you’re living in the continent of Europe then to you it’s home. I wouldn’t say there isn’t anything special, it’s a very special place but let’s face it, it is as special as home feels to you it’s not the same to a total stranger who is in an unknown place “yet to discover”.

With no further ado, here are the 5 things you should avoid doing when visiting Europe.

1. Don’t assume things

Don’t assume or draw conclusions based on something you’ve read in books, magazines, articles, documentaries, discoveries, or possibly a show on Netflix because in most situations it’s never how it’s portrayed.

  • Don’t assume that everyone speaks English.

Of the countries in the European continent, England is the only one that has English as the main language or the official sole language, In countries like North Island, Wales, and, Scotland English is one of their official languages.

And of course, they are many other countries whose people speak many other languages like Scandinavia in Poland that have a very high level of English, although polish people get shy about speaking English.

Still, that doesn’t make you conclude that every country you visit in Europe speaks English. You should get a book about the local language then practice and speak with the locals as best as you can then they will be open and free to speak their best English with you or practice a little bit with you.

  • Don’t assume that everyone drinks.

Yes there are diverse drinking cultures on the continent of Europe and people enjoy every moment of it but you shouldn’t assume or come to the conclusion that everyone drinks. Especially if you are an American and on the drinking age, mostly, they assume a lot in this category.

It’s always best you research the preferred local drinks when requested by you it feels like it’s going to bring this sense of connection with you and the locals.

  • Don’t assume that everyone is well-traveled or cultured.

There is this assumption that Europeans are well-read, very cultured people and very well-traveled liking them to the notion that every European knows their cultures inside out. I

must say to some extent that logic is somewhat correct because I have meant some Europeans that fit that description but they’re some if not the majority that has not traveled away from their village since birth. So it’s best not to assume at all.

DON'T DO THESE IN EUROPE - 5 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Visiting Europe
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2. Don’t act or think that the ‘EU’ European Union is one big country

The EU as it’s wholly referred to is a political, and economic union that comprises twenty-seven member states, where an internal single market has been established through a standardized system of law that applies in all members state but only where the states had agreed to act as one.

The European Union policies ensure the free movement, of goods, people, and services on with an internal market. So I hope after this explanation you can fully understand how the EU is not one. It’s just a collection of different countries but at the same time, it somehow feels like one country, if you know what I mean. They are all independent and sovereign from each other.

3. Don’t Brag

To be honest and at the same time deeply sincere with you, Europeans despise bragging. From my angle of view, I can say they don’t understand or agree with being overconfident. I think, in this aspect, the European is the opposite of the American or Latin Americans, where confidence is the daily drive for everyone, and almost every tends to hype themselves to gain this positive energy that makes one feels good about themselves and all popped up.

In Europe, the Europeans are not receptive to such an idea of hyping yourself for any reason, they always see the logic of why you should do what you did, so they don’t care if it gives you some reason to feel excited about yourself. So don’t brag at all in Europe.

4. Don’t take things too personally toughen up!

Europeans are sarcastic, so if you go to Europe you will have to rise to the occasion because they will make jokes at your expense, they make jokes at their own expense, and everyone thinks it’s fine. So it’s either you learn how to be soft and politically correct, or you toughen up by not taking their dark humor or shade too personally. They’re just being Europeans.

5. don’t go to the same old places.

I get it going to Italy, France, and Spain it’s fantastic, but Europe has so much more to offer. I don’t mean any disrespect, toward the more popular touristic destinations in Europe but keep in mind they are other places. For instance, have you tried going to the polish Mountains, or have you ever tried going down the Adriatic sea in Croatia, Slovenia? There is a little city in Slovenia, it’s called Piran, it looks like someone painted it. They are little hidden gems like this that might be among your options but they have so much to offer. Don’t take my word for it I will like you to go check it out on your next trip to Europe.

These are the 5 Things You Should Avoid Doing When Visiting Europe. Enjoy your visit to Europe. You Should Avoid Doing When Visiting Europe You Should Avoid Doing When Visiting Europe


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